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329 Design takes the work off your hands

Take full advantage of the space in your home’s bathrooms. Create a comfortable spa-like oasis in your master bathroom or a bright and inviting powder room for your guests. At 329 Design, we take all the hard work off your hands. We’ll pick out your tile work, toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs.

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3 elements of a beautiful bathroom

With any remodeling project, you’re faced with tons of style choices. Here are three of the most important elements to consider when designing a luxury bathroom:
  1. Luxury finishes. Some examples of these include: copper accents, marble countertops and textured wallpaper.
  2. Excellent lighting. Brighten up a contemporary bathroom, or dim the lights in an ornate one. Either way, the lighting adds another layer of depth to your design.
  3. A focal point detail. This could be an open-concept shower, a freestanding bathtub or a gorgeous light fixture. Draw the eye to some part of the bathroom to make it stand out.

Whatever you choose, trust 329 Design to advise you and execute it perfectly.

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